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Amahagan World Malt No.3 Mizunara Oak Finish Whisky 700ml

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This Amahagan World Malt Edition No.3 is a fantastic world blend produced at the Nagahama distillery, the smallest craft distillery in Japan. The whiskies are filtered using the purest of water in Japan and finished in the finest oak from many forms.

Quercus crispula wood finish (mizunara oak) Bitter malt with an oriental scent. The oriental personality of Quercus crispula, also known as “Japanese oak”, which is native to Japan. After ripening, the oak imparts an unique flavorsome notes unlike any other oak finish in the world. The appearance is pale amber. The sweet malt scent of Nagahama malt that overflows in the glass mixes with warm fruits such as oranges and red apples, making it more mellow. As time goes by, the nuances of the fragrant wood derived from Quercus crispula are further reduced, and at the end, it feels like a sweet caramel woody. Pallett has an orange baked confectionery and a fragrant brown sugar flavour. After the sweetness, there is a rich finish that is like slowly melting bitter chocolate in the mouth.

  • Tasting Notes: It’s a smooth and mellow creation that brings gentle fruits, fragrant wood imparted by mizunara oak maturation, subtle peppery spice and sweet caramel. It’s a well-accomplished and carefully balanced creation that is further highlights the possibilities in the world blend category.
  • Awards: World Whisky Awards 2020 -BEST BLENDED WHISKY GOLD, Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2020 – GOLD, TWSC 2020 – Bronze, SFWSC 2020 – Silver, TWSC 2021 – Silver, SFWSC 2021 – Silver
  • 47% Alcohol by volume
  • 700ml