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Imayo Tsukasa IMA Japanese Pure Rice Sake (for pairing with Oysters) / IMA 牡蠣のための日本酒 300ml

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  • Perfected after three years of research and development, IMA takes sake into a whole new realm, one formerly occupied solely by white wines.
  • IMA is a sake that has been specifically brewed to pair with premium oysters. Similar to white wines, this Junmai’s sweet and sour taste pairs ideally with the flavour of oysters, as well as sushi, sashimi, and other seafood. Unlike its western counterpart, however, the umami further enhances the oyster flavour while the malic acid from the specially produced sake yeast serves to lighten the palate.
  • Low Iron, High Malic Acid - Low iron (one-hundredth of the iron content of wine) eliminates the fishy, seafood aftertaste, and high malic acid helps the body absorb the rich oyster nutrients.
  • A completely new concept sake, IMA is the perfect alternative to Chablis or Sancerre wines.
  • Serving suggestion: serve cold
  • 12% Alcohol by volume
  • 300ml