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Oceania Seafoods Select

One-Click Premium Seafood Online Shop direct to the public.

Our Story

Established in 1983 by founder and director Yoshi Arai, Oceania Seafoods had a humble start as a seafood retail shop in Thornbury. As the company expanded, we relocated to Chapel Street, Prahran in 1984, then finally to multiple warehouse facilities in Whitehall Street, Footscray in July 2002.

Drawing on four decades of experience supplying quality seafood to Melbourne's restaurants, at Oceania Seafoods, we know our seafood. While we continue to work with some of Melbourne's most exclusive fine-dining restaurants and hotels, since 2018, we've started selling directly to the public. We strive to make fresh seafood available to everyone, whether you're a restaurant owner, chef at a hotel or the grocery shopper for the home. Customers can buy the same restaurant quality seafood on our online store, Oceania Seafoods Select.

We provide a huge selection of premium quality seafood at great prices, including sashimi grade fish, various species of shellfish, live seafood (crayfish, abalone), molluscs, crustaceans (prawns,  bugs), rare delicacies (sea urchin, karasumi, toro and etc.), and much more. Alongside seafood, we also offer premium meats, Japanese alcohol and pantry items to make any culinary experience at home easy.

Quality Assurance Program: HACCP certification

Quality Assurance Program: HACCP certification

As one of the largest seafood wholesalers in the country, we maintain our Quality Assurance Program in accordance with HACCP and PrimeSafe requirements. This applies to all aspects of our operations for the maintenance of the highest hygiene standards and traceability of all products.



Certification program of Japanese Food and Ingredient Supporter

Liquor Licence: 36304143